mind -we are alive

the three principles

consciousness -we are aware

”Together, these three components are the golden threads from which all human experience is woven. No experience can exist without them; they are the necessary components through which we experience life. Without any of these three principles, life would not exist for any human being. They are the psychological trinity of all human functioning. ”

thought -we think

These three principles will not make your life better; they just explain where your feelings and experiences are coming from. Learning about the three principles, ie. the inside-out nature of life, will not automatically make you more happy; but knowing where your feelings and experiences are coming from will make your thoughts and feelings less scary. When you're not scared of your experience, you don't feel the need to control it. In understanding how these simple principles are always working together, you will find the key to raising your overall well-being. Raising the level of your well-being will in turn have a deep impact on how well you handle your insecurities, how good you are at interacting with others and how fulfilled and content you are in general.  Understanding how your experience is being created will bring you a greater sense of aliveness and purpose. This is because it will help you be more aware of the small everyday joys that life is constantly showing us, but our minds are often too busy to notice. The three principles cannot change your life, because they are already what your life is made of. But understanding how the principles work together can completely change your life, because it will let you live more in harmony and be at ease with the way things actually are.

mind. thought. consciousness.

we are alive.  we think.  we are aware.

a principle is predictable

that which has observable outcomes that can be known, seen or declared in advance.

a basic truth that explains or controls how something happens or works.

a principle is explanatory

a principle is constant

that which is continually occurring or recurring. That which is never changing and always true.




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gravity is an example

what is a principle?

Principle of Mind: We are alive

Mind is the intelligence that knows how to create every living system and how to operate those systems. The intelligence of life is what lets you breathe and lets your heart beat without you having to do a single thing. In nature, it guides the embryo to become a baby, the acorn to become the oak tree and it turns sunlight into energy for the flower to grow.

The Principle of Mind is the energy and intelligence that is behind life. It is always at work. Mind is the essential nature, the living force behind every one of us.

It knows how to guide salmon back to their spawning grounds and it guides birds to the South and back again. Mind is the source of everything in the universe.

Throughout the ages so many have tried to articulate this life force in words: nature, God, the universe, the creative force, the nothing before the something, the divine, the quantum field. While words are quite indequate, they are that which we have to work when we are trying to point toward this unexplainable dimension of life.

Call it whatever you like, but without mind you cannot have an experience.

— Consciousness is that which brings our experience to life, that which allows us to be aware of our experience.

— We create our individual experience of reality via the principle of Thought. Although thoughts are not real they create our every experience.

An introduction to the three principles.

“The Universal Mind, or the impersonal mind, is constant and unchangeable. The personal mind is in a perpetual state of change. All humans have the inner ability to synchronize their personal mind with their impersonal mind to bring harmony into their lives.” - Sydney Banks "The Missing LInk"

Quote Cirecle 2

“Consciousness is the gift of awareness. Consciousness allows the recognition of form, form being the expression of Thought… Mental health lies within the consciousness of all human beings, but it is shrouded and held prisoner by our own erroneous thoughts. This is why we must look past our contaminated thoughts to find the purity and wisdom that lies inside our own consciousness.” - Sydney Banks "The Missing LInk"

Quote Cirecle 2

“Thought is the creative agent we use to direct us through life. Thought is the master key that opens the world of reality to all living creatures. Thought is not reality; yet it is through Thought that our realities are created.” - Sydney Banks "The Missing LInk"

Quote Cirecle 2

— Mind is the source and intelligence behind all of life.

Principle of Consciousness: We are aware

Behind all your thoughts there is a space that is always quiet, always still and is that which allows every human being to be aware of life. Consciousness brings any thought you have to life. It is a universal phenomenon. The quality of our experience at any point in time is determined by our level of awareness, how conscious we are of what is happening around us.

The Latin word for soul is “anima,” which is the root of the word animation. Consciousness is what animates your thinking and turns your thoughts into sensory experiences which allows you to be aware of what is created. It is like the "Special Effects" department of your mind.

Consciousness is that which allows every human being to be aware of life and the role that Thought has in creating your experience of life. It brings your senses to life — your seeing, hearing, feeling, tasting, and touching. It’s through your senses that you are able to be aware of life.

Without consciousness you can not have an experience.

Principle of Thought: We think

Just as fish live in water and probably don't realize it, we humans live in a world of thought and often don't realize it. There is nothing in our experience, from the moment we are born to the moment we die, that isn’t brought to life by the power of thought. You cannot have an experience without having a thought. Thought is fluid, formless and there are no boundaries to what you can think. Thought generates every moment of mental activity. Your ideas, beliefs, limitations, assumptions, values, daydreams and nightmares - all are made of thought.

The Principle of Thought is behind everything you feel and all of your emotions. Every thought brings with it a feeling and with every new thought, comes a new feeling.

When we talk about the Principle of Thought, we are not talking about the never-ending flow of random content that is streaming through your head at any given time — that is your own personal thinking. The Principle of Thought is much bigger and deeper than that.

Just as snowballs come from snow, or waves comes from the ocean, your individual thoughts come from the principle of Thought. Thought is what allows for the creation of all mental life - everything you think, perceive, and feel. There is nothing before this Principle. It is the unlimited creative potential, or field, from which all experiences arise.

We do not control the thoughts that come to us, they just come. But as humans we are thinkers with free will, so we are free to decide what thoughts we want to believe or attach ourselves to and which ones we just let go. You are free to pay attention to a thought or not. You are free to act on a thought or not, but in any case, thought is formless, fleeting and forever changing, and can therefore never be true.

Without Thought we would have no experience.

These three principles — Mind, Consciousness, and Thought — are the fundamental forces responsible for the creation of life and for all of our psychological experiences. They make up the eternal scenery of life. They are constant. They are explanatory. And they are predictive - we can always trust them and we can always count on them.

We live in a misunderstanding that it is the world outside of us that is responsible for our internal experience, but the world outside us can only give us input through our five senses - it cannot create or send feelings to us. This stands in direct contrast to the way things appear, which is why it is so hard to see.

Your ability to e.g. communicate clearly and effectively, to be able to make sound decisions, solve problems and be creative - everything is influenced by your state of mind in the moment. As soon as our thought changes, which it inevitably does, our feeling changes. This is why the decision that felt so right yesterday, can feel so wrong today.

With this understanding of the three principles, you begin to see how intelligent and precise the system is and without having to do anything you automatically apply it directly. There are no strategies, theories, methods or applications you need to learn - you just have to see it for yourself. The effects begin immediately and the moment this understanding becomes visible to you, you realize that freedom and inner calm are always just a simple thought away.

The three principles helps you remove the "bus-y-ness" in your head and gets you quickly to clarity, which naturally has a tremendous effect on your productivity, creativity and resilience. Resilience is your mental ability to bounce back quickly after setbacks of any kind. As soon as you release the thought, you release the stress. 100% of the time.

As soon as this understanding becomes visible to you the effects begin immediately and you realize that the feeling of freedom and inner calm is always just one thought away. It gives you a clear mind, free from superstitious thinking, fully present in the moment, helping you achieve new heights of performance and the authentic joy that a natural flow brings.

This understanding has been taught in Fortune 500 companies, schools, universities, prisons and is widely used in addiction and rehabilitation clinics. Over the last few decades, this understanding has transformed tens of thousands of lives, countless organizations, and many professionals into every aspect of life.

The three principles show you, through your own experience, that there is an intelligence and precision behind how your experiences are created moment by moment via your thoughts. Seeing this is profoundly life-changing.

One Solution Global works globally with the Inside Out Understanding in places like Gaza and with gang members in Chicago. "We believe that there is a simple solution to many of the world’s most challenging and persistent problems. That solution is an understanding of how all global challenges originate in the human mind and can be directly addressed in the human mind. Change the thinking that drives global issues, and we can actually begin to solve our challenges, rather than dealing with the symptoms. We know it sounds too simple; too good to be true. But don’t take our word for it. See it to believe it."Read more on their homepage: www.onesolutionglobal.org

One Solution Global

the three principles are spreading throughout the world

From the streets of Chicago to Gaza

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The S.P.A.R.K. (Speaking to the Potential And Resiliency in every Kid) Mentoring Programs teach the Inside Out understanding in schools in USA and the UK. The programs are evidence based, and proven to be effective in helping children and youth create greater academic success, a healthier state of mind, and a deeper connection with peers, adults, schools and communities. Read more on their homepage: www.thesparkinitiative.com

The Spark Initiative

Working with children & teens in schools

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The Insight Alliance teaches the Inside Out understanding (the three principles) in prisons and in the community with a simple focus: Understanding the limitless nature of the human mind, and recognizing our own innate wellbeing: that everything we need to thrive already exists within us. per connection with peers, adults, schools and communities. Read more on their homepage:  www.theinsightalliance.org

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