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The Missing K.P.I.

This course offers a fresh, new cutting edge understanding based on three principles that turns the issues of agility, productivity and stress on its' head and goes far beyond traditional High Performance or efficiency courses. The course will not only help you manage or cope with today's hectic pace and many challenges - it will literally change your relationship to efficiency, stress and worklife-balance once and for all.

state of mind.



There is an important KPI* that is so elusive in its' nature that it is the most overlooked and undervalued indicator in terms of human performance: our constantly changing State of Mind.

We all move through various states of mind throughout the day. It is your understanding of what lies behind these movements that determines how well you solve problems, handle challenging situations and are able to stay calm when you encounter setbacks of any kind.

State of mind is invisible, fluid and constantly changing and is the driving force behind everything we do. The only way to see it is in the results it produces. State of Mind explains why some people thrive and develop, while others struggle despite the same workload, challenges or circumstances. It also explains how a person can be super-efficient one day and underperform the next - when nothing has actually changed in the circumstances.

How you lead yourself and others boils down to both your understanding and interpretation of what is happening inside yourself and that which is happening around you.

The Missing KPI takes a deep dive into the relationship between thought and feelings and how they affect performance and subsequent results. Your ability to e.g. communicate clearly and effectively, be able to make sound decisions, solve problems and be creative - everything is affected by your state of mind in the moment.

Focus is on helping you develop your self-leadership skills, increase your impact and find more satisfaction in everything you do, both at work and at home. You will develop a strong foundation and build up your resilience, which in turn opens you up to new and endless opportunities.

The Missing K.P.I.

state of mind








* KPI is an abbreviation that stands for Key Performance Indicator and is used by organizational leaders and managers to drive and measure performance in a number of specific areas. A KPI communicates if business is going in the right direction in a consistent and predictable way and shows how well an organization or individual is managing agreements or goals.

4 modules á 3 hours

every other week for 8 weeks

Are you ready to say goodbye to anxiety, insecurity and overwhelm and discover a simple, sustainable solution to experience your life with more ease, clarity and confidence - regardless of circumstance?

state of mind

  • Intellectual understanding vs. insight-based understanding
  • A transformational conversation
  • Listening to hear something new

modul  01.

part 1 - a solid foundation to stand on

  • The nature of thought - elusive and constantly changing

  • The logic behind your emotions - control is not the answer

  • Calm is your natural state

  • The principles behind clarity

part 2 - the nature of Thought


  • Our separate realities
  • Implications, not applications
  • The implications of separate realities on communication and handling conflicts
  • Resilience and well-being are innate in every human being

modul  02.

part 1 - connection and that which separates us

  • Unconditional confidence - it's always there

  • Mood swings don't have to affect your performance

  • Living in a VUCA world - being able to experience fear and uncertainty without feeling fear and uncertainty (VUCA: volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous)

part 2 - beyond identity


  • The value of a quiet mind - focus and flow
  • Being able to slow down to get more done
  • How state of mind affects your ability to rationalize and judge
  • Psychological innocence - the logic of premises

modul  03.

part 1 - the busy mind

  • Genuine commitment that creates presence and gives meaning

  • The secret behind being able to engage 100% without burning yourself out

  • The myths about of habits and habitual thinking

  • The motivation myth: Why high performance is so misunderstood

part 2 - productivity and engagement


  • You were born happy, not stressed
  • Keeping your cool no matter the circumstance
  • Creativity: creating something from nothing
  • The Power of Connection and dealing with "difficult" people

modul  04.

part 1 - the truth about pressure and stress

  • Decisions made easy - navigating your own wisdom

  • After 8 weeks we can now ask the question: What is a problem, really?

  • The True Leader: Ordinary people who have learned to bring out the best in themselves and others in order to achieve extraordinary results.

part 2 - better decisions, better results

r. o. i.

...which leads to improved health, more vitality and an increased commitment and engagemnt with life

less stress, more clarity and inner peace


Fears, anxiety and limitations just seem to disappear by themselves and suddenly a world of opportunities you did not see before opens up. When we understand how something works we do so much better. It is the difference that makes the difference.

more self-confidence and self-reliance


When groups and cultures work with this understanding businesses thrive on a completely different level. Conversations transform and become deeper, more genuine and honest and collaboration becomes more efficient, with less stress and enjoyment.

better cooperation and more harmony


You will see that your hectic life is the result of your busy mind - and not the cause of your busy mind. Seeing how this works will open you up to new levels of performance and productivity. You will understand why it is essential that you slow down in order to be able to get more done with better quality.

increased productivity and more quality time





Course The Missing KPI

  • 4 modules á 3 hours every other week for 8 weeks
  • We use either your conference room with you or mine at the Arkipelagen Business Center in Sisjön, Gothenburg
  • Min 8 persons

kr. 4 995 ex tax/person

Course + 3 Coaching Sessions

  • 3 private coaching sessions á 60 minutes, which can be used up to one year after participation in the course
  • The Missing KPI Course: 4 modules á 3 hours every other week for 8 weeks

kr. 9 200 ex tax/person

kr. 10 995 tax moms/person


  • On February 7th, 2020, an open course for individuals starts - in Swedish - see below
  • 100% Satisfied Customer Guarantee - money back if you are not satisfied
  • Coaching sessions are personal and cannot be transferred for use by others


Course  + 5 Coaching Sessions

  • 5 private coaching sessions á 60 minutes, which can be used up to one year after participation in the course
  • The Missing KPI Course: 4 modules á 3 hours every other week for 8 weeks

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