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Together we create an open environment that encourages new ideas, increases clarity, creative problem solving and creates new group dynamics.

3-Day Intensives for Groups Based on the Inside Out Understanding

Management teams, departments, or smaller companies looking for new perspectives, insights and who are looking to find new opportunities and potential in their business. Off-site workshops often provide invaluable turning points for creating internal change.

These retreats are based on training and sharing a foundational Inside-Out Understanding of State-of-Mind and the direct impact it has on our ability to perform, feel belonging, cooperate, influence and to communicate.

We customize these workshops based on defined business goals and/or current challenges the participants face.

The goal of these workshops/retreats is to facilitate open and meaningful conversations, strengthen collaboration and achieve a clear and mutual direction. We explore, we become creative and with a renewed approach, we identify new opportunities and potentials.

This customized program includes:

  • An initial Jobmatch Talent EFPA certified psychological profile test for each participant, which creates self-awarness for the individual and insight into the areas where they would like to further development themsleves..
  • 3 days of exploring the insight principles at an offsite conference center.
  • 60 minute follow-up once a month for 6 months 

These 3 days help management teams gain new clarity, increase levels of engagement, well-being and resilience and affect significant internal shifts in a very short time, which results in long-term and sustainable changes.


An effective team building activity when you would like to have an immediate impact on a team's ability to cooperate in a minimal amount of time.

This intensive team development activity provides increased self-awareness, more trust and dynamism in the group, while enhancing the understanding of our differences while inspiring the group to better utilize its development potential and manage conflicts.

We use Jobmatch Talent as an initial step in various development processes in order to raise awareness and get a clear picture about which strengths there are and where possible areas of development may be.

The day addresses the following topics:

  • How can we further develop our strengths and utilize the strengths of the group better?
  • How can differences be a strength and asset in a company?
  • Which are the most common Achille's heels in a group context?
  • What creates a strong team?
  • How does good / bad communication affect the group and the company?
  • How do you handle differences/conflicts in an efficient and productive way?
  • How can we give and receive better feedback?

During the team day, the participants learn more about themselves and their colleagues, both as individuals and in group contexts, and together they create clear guidelines for effective and amiable cooperation.

Team Development Day with Jobmatch Talent

My Offer is Clarity.



The Inside Out Understanding explains in simple terms how people create their experience in life and how our perception of the external world changes as our state of mind changes.

The realization that we experience life from the inside out has a tremendous effect on our productivity, creativity and resilience. Resilience is the ability to quickly recover after having encountered any kind of setback.

People's ability to e.g. communicate clearly and effectively, to be able to make sound decisions, solve problems and be creative - everything is influenced by our state of mind in the moment. The Inside Out Understanding shows you, through your own experience, that there is an intelligence and precision behind how our experiences are created in the moment through our thoughts.

Our thinking has a direct impact on our feelings and thus impacts our behavior. It effects how well you handle life, how good you are at interacting with others and how happy you are in general - everything is directly linked to our thinking in the moment.

With this understanding, you begin to see how intelligent and precise the system is and without having to do anything you automatically apply it directly. Understanding that your thoughts are formless energy can be compared to the time you learned, and then understood, that your shadow cannot hurt you.

There are no strategies, theories, methods or applications you need to learn - you just have to see it for yourself. The effects begin immediately and at the moment this system becomes visible to a person, they realize that freedom and inner calm are just a simple thought away.

The Inside Out Understanding helps us remove the noise in our head and get us quickly to clarity. It gives us a clear mind, free from any superstitious thinking, fully present and in the moment, with the levels of performance, enjoyment and flow that brings.

Sydney Banks, the man who managed to articulate this understanding, which wisemen, religions, scholars and scientists have been pointing to since the beginning of time, became a world-renowned teacher, writer and guide to innovators in areas such as psychology, psychiatry, education, business, and even physics.

This understanding has been taught in Fortune 500 companies, schools, universities, prisons and is widely used in addiction and rehabilitation clinics. Over the last few decades, this understanding has transformed tens of thousands of lives, countless organizations, and many professionals into every aspect of life.

The Inside Out Understanding in Brief

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Greater employee engagement and stress management.

Significant changes in creative thinking and problem solving skills.


Higher productivity and more consistent results.


Improved relationships with employees, teams and customers.

Peace of Mind

Higher state of well-being and team spirit within the company.

Better adaptation, flexibility and responsiveness to uncertainty.


However beautiful the strategy, you should occassionally look at the results.

Sir Winston Churchill
Former UK Prime Minister, winner of the Nobel Prize in Litterature, 1953

However beautiful the strategy, you should occassionally look at the results.

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