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The Inside Out Course

3 Day State of Mind Immersion - making the invisible visible

The bolder your ambition, the stronger the relationships you need to make it happen and the more you need a resilient team that can handle setbacks, challenges and failure and bounce back quickly. A resilient culture is resourceful and one that can creatively respond to change – and they can’t do that if they are stressed, insecure or fear-driven, as so many are in today's fast-paced world.

This 3 day workshop is based on sharing a fundamental Inside-Out Understanding of State of Mind and the direct impact it has on our ability to perform, feel connected, cooperate, influence and to communicate. We make the invisible visible and discover the crucial role our mind plays in every day life, and by doing so we gain access to new opportunities within us.

Why is this understanding so important?

When you, as a group, get to experience how our personal thinking is creating our experience from moment to moment and that our thoughts have an immediate impact on our feelings, we discover a whole new way of relating to our own behavior and that of our colleagues.

This understanding has an impact on everything when it comes to working together, how we communicate, our motivation, our commitment and our results. It is why some days you feel like the world's best functioning team and the next day you feel completely stuck when absolutely nothing has changed in the circumstances.

When we know how something works, we do infinitely better. Understanding this is the difference that makes the difference.

During these days the team will have the opportunity to quiet their minds and notice for themselves how much better a clear mind works than a head that is filled with busyness. With a clear mind, new and unthought of potential emerges.

The goal is for the group to leave with a renewed sense of commitment, increased well-being, and a boost in resiliency for both the individual and the group as a whole.

This customized program includes:

  • 3 days of exploring the insight principles at an offsite conference center.
  • Days 1 & 2 are based on the inside out understanding. On day 3 it is time to see how this understanding plays out in practice. Working on your particular business case you will see for yourself how different and easy collaborating and problem-solving unfolds.
  • Optional: An initial Jobmatch Talent EFPA certified psychological profile test for each participant, which creates self-awarness for the individual and insight into the areas where they would like to further development themsleves..
  • A 60 minute follow-up once a month for 2 months


These personal and comprehensive days are filled with meaningful dialogue and relevant content. Our time together creates internal shifts that result in long-term and sustainable changes.

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Clarity & New Perspectives

Get a clear and fresh perspective on how to maximize performance and get the the best out of yourself and others.


Understand how insight is the catalyst for all kinds of sustainable change.

Sustainable Change

A Peaceful Mind

See how your own state of mind is more important to your success than any single activity you could ever do for your business.



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Discover that the major challenges you face do not require more action, but more clarity.

Get more done with less action

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Achieve improved relationships with employees, teams and customers.


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