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The Inside Out Course

Lectures that benefit all who listen.

On the outside you have everything - now let's go inside.

inifrån och ut förståelsen leder till bland annat att du...

- känner ett större engagemang med livet.

- ökar din motståndskraft för att kunna resa dig snabbare efter motgångar.

- tar snabbare och bättre beslut.

- får en mer äkta och djupare kontakt till dig själv och även med andra.

- förstå att du har allt du behöver inom dig.

Our talks are about the Inside-out understanding. We want you to leave enriched with an unexpected knowledge that you did not have when you arrived and able to imagine that there is a new way of looking at the world that gives you a freedom with less noise and more clarity.

When people are in harmony with themselves, they have no need to raise themselves above others, to compare themselves or to place blame. They take their responsibility no matter what the issue is and they are good with that.

Discover a new kind of freedom when you understand where your feelings come from and how your experience is created. Your experience of life can be changed with a single insight - that everything happens from the inside out. We share some of our most important lessons about inner security in our lectures on the Inside-Out understanding.

Our talks and lectures also help managers and employees understand how it is possible to achieve less stress and increased mental clarity without having to learn new complicated methods, theories, strategies or techniques. We talk about how from this state even the most complex problems and challenging situations can be handled easily and effectively.


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