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STATE OF MIND: In a world where stress is more or less considered a normal and inevitable condition, your employee's state of mind and well-being becomes the invisible competitive edge that promptly reveals itself on the bottomline.

If the only thing people learned was not to be afraid of their experience, that alone would change the world.

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Sydney Banks

författare, filosof och svetsare

THE NATURE OF THOUGHT: We think and our mind never stops thinking. We cannot control the thoughts that come to us and the thoughts that come to us are neutral; thoughts are meaningless until we attach a meaning to them. Thoughts are fleeting, they come and go and ,if you wait a second, there is always a new one on the way in. houghts are nothing. No Thing. They are formless energy, but our consciousness gives them life so they feel real - so even if thoughts are not real, they do create our reality.

  • Feel more engaged in life, because you will no longer be able to see yourself as a victim of outside circumstances.
  • Increase your resilience so that you can easlily get back on track faster after setbacks as you will understand the nature of thought and the role it plays in your experience.
  • Understand the decision-making process better.
  • Discover a more genuine and deeper understanding of separate realities and how they affect our experience and all of our communication..
  • Understand that you already have everything you need within you.


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Talks about the Inside Out Understanding, the nature of thought and how your experience of life is being creating moment to moment.


There are three elements that let us experience life.

The first being that there is an energy and an intelligence behind everything in life. You are alive and without you having to do a single thing you grew from an embryo to an adult. Everyday your heart beats, your blood circulates and you are able to sit on a chair and not fall off it – all without you having to do a single thing.

Coaching:YOur wee-being is

The second thing is your ability to think, not what you think or how you think, but your ability to think - the capabilities your mind offers you. With that ability you create thoughts and with these thoughts you can create whatever you like.

The third thing is consciousness. Consciousness is that which brings everything to life and makes even the most unreasonable of your thoughts (=worries) seem real. It is the special effects department of your mind that allows you to feel your thoughts from moment to moment.

If any one of these three elements is removed you will not be able to experience anything at all.

These elements show you how you are always living in the feeling of your thoughts, never the circumstance. Nothing outside of you, no circumstance, environment or person can ever cause you to feel something – only your own thoughts can do that. And this is great news!

This is 180 degrees away from the thinking of the world today, which is why it is hard to grasp. But when you see this for yourself things fall automatically into place and life makes so much more sense.

This is what I work with and I would love to tell you more.