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The Inside Out Course

An effective team building activity when you would like to have an immediate and maximum impact on your team's ability to work together in a minimal amount of time.

This intensive team development activity provides increased self-awareness, more trust and dynamism for your group, while enhancing the understanding of everyone's differences while inspiring your group to better utilize its development potential and manage conflicts.

The first step is for everyone in your team to take their own JobMatch test to create self-awarness and insight into the areas where you would like to further your own development.

The day addresses the following topics:

  • How can you further develop your strengths and utilize the strengths of the group better?
  • How can differences be a strength and asset in your company?
  • Which are the most common Achille's heels in a group context? What creates a strong team?
  • How does good / bad communication affect your group and the company as a whole?
  • How can you handle differences and conflicts in a compassionate, efficient and productive way?
  • How can you give and receive better feedback?

Read more about Jobmatch on www.jobmatchtalent.com/en/

Jobmatch Talent Team Development -- uncover the hidden potential

Tillbaka till paket

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The right talent for the job - a testing system for accurate recruitment and employee development.


A clear mind free from contaminated thinking and fully present in the moment.

A feeling of direction, purposef and motivation, free from all self-imposed should's, must's and have to's concerning performance.



A strong feeling of inner resilience, safety and confidence in yourself and the world.

The key drivers of performance.


A reliable and innate source of creativity and insight when it comes to innovation and problem solving.

The freedom to be who you really are, speak yopur truth and do what you believe to be the right thing.



To be able to recognize and trust your intuition, your wisdom and to rely on your inner GPS, which is  guiding you gently through life when you are listening.

To be present, aware and available in the moment, connected to your mind, your body and the world around you.



The ability to connect with other people with a warmth and genuineness, which leads to stronger relationships with customers, colleagues, friends and family.

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