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Both of us have deliberately worked on our own personal development for many years. We both run our own companies and have worked with leadership-, employee-, and team development, where we coach, lecture, train and hold workshops. We bring to the table long experience of working in management positions in both large and small organizations and businesses.

Our paths to achieving inner stability, strength and resilience have been completely different, but both have reached the same result. ‍‍Regardless of any turmoil happening around us, there is always in our core a genuine and whole-hearted  joy of life, love for ourselves and others, and an unwavering faith in the belief that life is for us and is always guiding us to where we need to be and what we need to learn.

Our foundations are grounded in an inside-out understanding of how our minds work and our experiences are created. We know that everyone already has everything they need within them and the freedom that knowledge entails is what we would like to pass on to those around us. . 


Suzanne Lång

Mobile: +46 (0)70 245 71 45 sl@suzannelang.com

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Lisbeth Å ngman

Mobile: +46 (0)70 528 54 28 lisbeth.angman@limaledarskap.se

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... is to spread knowledge about how you can increase your resilience in an unpredictable and demanding world, while at the same time staying grounded and true to yourself.  

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Jessica Johansson
Västra Götalands Region

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I felt very safe with you two and it really shines through how passionate you both are about this. Your committment to sharing your stories and the genuine feeling that you really want to engage with our stories was great. The course content has made me much more aware of my thoughts in a way I never thought about before. In my work we also work a lot with motivational interviewing and thoughts etc. But the way you made me understand this is something completely different. I have a calmer mind thanks to you. Fantastic!

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