My mission is to increase people's well-being and their resilience, so they can stand grounded regardless of what is happening around them.  

Maya Angelou
A phenomenal woman

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I did then what I knew how to do. Now that I know better, I do better.

There are three elements that let us experience life.

The first being that there is an energy and an intelligence behind everything in life. You are alive and without you having to do a single thing you grew from an embryo to an adult. Everyday your heart beats, your blood circulates and you are able to sit on a chair and not fall off it – all without you having to do a single thing.

The second thing that lets you experience life is your ability to think. With that ability you create thoughts and with these thoughts you can create whatever you like.

The third thing is consciousness. Consciousness is that which brings everything to life and makes even the most unreasonable of your thoughts (=worries) seem real. It is the special effects department of your mind that allows you to feel your thoughts from moment to moment.

If any one of these three elements is removed you will not be able to experience anything at all.

These three elements – You are alive, you think and you are aware – have existed since the beginning of time, but were first articulated by a man named Sydney Banks in the 1970’s. He called them the three principles, as they are constant and predictable and just as gravity works whether you believe in it or not, so are these three principles in play 100% of the time.

These principles show you you are always living in the feeling of your thoughts, never the circumstance. Nothing outside of you, no circumstance, environment or person can ever cause you to feel something – only your own thoughts can do that.

This is 180 degrees away from the thinking of the world today, which is why it is so hard to understand. But when you see this for yourself things fall automatically into place and life makes so much more sense.

This is what I work with and I would love to tell you more.

I work with thoughts.

STATE OF MIND: In a world where stress is more or less considered a normal and inevitable condition, your employee's state of mind and well-being becomes the invisible competitive edge that promptly reveals itself on the bottomline.

Maya Angelou

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I did then what I knew how to do. Now that I know better, I do better.

A phenomenal woman

THE NATURE OF THOUGHT: We think and our mind never stops thinking. We cannot control the thoughts that come to us and the thoughts that come to us are neutral; thoughts are meaningless until we attach a meaning to them. Thoughts are fleeting, they come and go and ,if you wait a second, there is always a new one on the way in. houghts are nothing. No Thing. They are formless energy, but our consciousness gives them life so they feel real - so even if thoughts are not real, they do create our reality.

My background is in Hotel Management and I have a broad and international career that spans over eight countries, including England, USA, Denmark, Japan, Canada, Switzerland, South Korea and Sweden.

I have over 25 years of experience from large organisations such as Scandic Hotels, Samsung, Crystal Cruises, DFDS, Copenhagen Airports and the American Chamber of Commerce in Korea, in positions such as Project Manager, Sales & Conference Manager, Area Marketing Manager and Operations Manager. In addition to that I am trained as a Professional Coach, as well as being a certified Executive Coach.

My own journey led to me start my own company in 2013, which I call On Equal Terms. I work with leadership-, team- and culture development.

My main focus is getting this understanding out in the world because it simply strengthens our resilience and selfworth, opens up for more courageous and genuine conversations and inevitably leads to more creativity, less stress, better results and endless more joy.


The hardest thing to learn is something you think you already know.

J. Krishnamurti

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So really I work with nothing, because thoughts are nothing. No Thing. Except they aren’t – they are everything.