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Suzanne Lång Ledar-, Medarbetare och Teamutveckling

My professional background

My corporate background is in Hotel Management and I have a broad and international career that spans over eight countries, including England, USA, Denmark, Japan, Canada, Switzerland, South Korea and Sweden.

I have over 25 years of experience from large organisations such as Scandic Hotels, Samsung, Crystal Cruises, DFDS, Copenhagen Airports and the American Chamber of Commerce in Korea, in positions such as Project Manager, Sales & Conference Manager, Area Marketing Manager and Operations Manager.

In addition to that I am formally trained as a Professional Coach, with a pcc level ICF diploma, a certified NLP Business Communication Practitioner, a Jobmatch Talent Specialist and a certified Executive Coach and a 3P Practitioner.

And in addition to that, I have read oodles of books and done a gazillion courses during the past 18+ years... My own personal development journey, which started in 2001, led to me start my own company in 2013, which I have never regretted for a single moment.

"I did then what I knew how to do. Now that I know better, I do better."

Maya AngelouA phenomenal woman

My approach to how I coach

Although I am formally trained as a Professional Coach, with a pcc level ICF diploma, a certified NLP Business Communication Practitioner. BUT! When I came across the three principles at the beginning of 2018, everything changed for me - even my whole approach to coaching. It was as if all my remaining questions about why we do what we do were answered and all of a sudden evertýthing made sense.

The Three Principles, also know as the Inside-Out understanding, combine simple, common sense with intellectual credibility and uncovers the illusive nature of thought.

Based on this understanding, I lead individuals and groups to new, fresh perspectives by jointly exploring the nature of thought and the relationship between thoughts and feelings.

The Inside-Out understanding makes us more resilient, more creative and better able to cope and manage change in a fast-changing environment. This understanding gives us access to both new thinking and clarity, while at the same time increasing our ability to feel inner stability no matter how much it storms around us.

When groups and cultures work based on this understanding, business thrive on a completely different level. The conversations are deeper, more genuine and honest and the collaboration becomes more efficient, stress-free and more enjoyable all round. And this understanding is the basis for my coaching and how I live my life.

References: If we speak or meet and you would like a personal reference I am happy to provide you with contact details to people I have coached with titles that include:  Managing Director / HR Manager / HR Specialist / Project Manager / Department Manager / Entrepreneur School Principle / Business Development Manager Lawyer / Coach / Institution Manager / Assistent Manager / Young adults (18-25)

it's all designed perfectly.

the more i understand the first two points the calmer i am and the more clarity i have. everything just goes together so perfectly.

every problem that I ever have is because I am getting caught up the content of my thinking and believing it is true. every solution to every problem lies in the space inside of me that is always ok and that is always there before the thinking.

it's all thought.

it's all coming from me.

my feelings and experience of life are only ever coming from my thinking in the moment and never from circumstances, other people or events. i can never have an experience without having a thought about it and every new thought brings with it a new feeling.




this is what I now know to be absolutely true

Within the soul of all human beings, there lies an innate spiritual knowledge tha thas the power to repair mental disturbances...not through analyzing their thoughts, but by seeing the power of thought itself.

-Sydney Banks

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just some videos

state of mind

In a world where stress is more or less considered a normal and inevitable condition, your employee's state of mind and well-being becomes the invisible competitive edge that promptly reveals itself on the bottomline.

the nature of thought

Thoughts are nothing. No Thing. You cannot put a thought on the table. Thoughts are of formless energy, but when we think them they feel both important and very real. Every thought creates a feeling and each new thought brings a new feeling. Thought = Feeling. This simple equation is invisble to most (and until 2017 it was for me as well), yet it affects every single aspect of our lives. When we see how this works, then life suddenly makes sense, becomes easier and instantly calmer.

separate realities (part 1)

We think that we are talking about the same things, but we never really are, because we are always perceiving what is being said through our own eyes, our age, cultural background, sex, beliefs, education, our own past experiences, and the many and different insights we have had in our lives. We all live in our own reality of what is right and wrong and what looks true to us in the moment. The more we see this the easier it becomes to understand the other persons  perspective, ie. their reality and then find common ground.

separate realities (part 2)

We greatly underestimate how different our worlds actually are, as we are always experiencing the feeling of our own thinking in the moment. The world outside us can only give us input through our five senses - it cannot create or send feelings to us. When we then see that our experience is being generated in our own minds moment by moment we are no longer at the mercy of the outside world for our well-being.

the missing k.p.i.

An introduction to a fresh, new cutting edge understanding based on three principles that turns the issues of productivity and stress on its' head and goes far beyond traditional High Performance or efficiency courses.


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