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In a world where stress is more or less considered a normal and inevitable condition, your employee's state of mind and well-being becomes the invisible competitive edge that promptly reveals itself on the bottomline.

Higher state of well-being and team spirit within the company.

Greater employee engagement and stress management

Higher productivity and more consistent results

Better adaptation, flexibility and responsiveness to uncertainty

Increased sales potential and turnover

Significant changes in creative thinking and problem solving skills

Improved relationships with employees, teams and customers.

Potential for Organizations

Potential for Leaders & Individuals

Get a clear and fresh perspective on how to maximize performance and attract the best of people

Understand how insight is the catalyst for change on all levels of your business

Understand that your state of mind is more crucial to your success than any single activity you could ever do for your business

Discover that the major challenges you face do not require more action, but more wisdom

Improved relationships with employees, teams and customers.

Understand the difference between a "good idea" and inspired action

If the only thing people learned was not to be afraid of their experience, that alone would change the world.

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An Two-Day Intensive Inside-Out Workshop

Subject: Make 'State of Mind' Your Company's Greatest Competitive Edge

Coming to Gothenburg in September


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